Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Man the last couple weeks have been real busy. So much has happened since my last post. Some good and some bad have happened. So here we go.

First we finished the youth room and it looks great. We've got the front of a VW bus on the stage. We've got street signs all over the walls and it just looks amazing. We also had our first youth event about a week and a half ago. We went to "Rock The Universe." Only really got to see two bands and those were Casting Crowns and my favorite Toby Mac. Toby Mac's concert was awesome. At first I was a little disappointed but after he performed his new song "City on our Knees" and "Jesus Freak" the whole show turned out great. After the Casting Crowns concert our group went over where the band members exited the stage. We all got Mark Hall's autograph and Hamee hugged three of the band members. While we were there I had a youth leaders wrist band that let me get express pass for all the rides and access to the youth leader lounges. Unfortunately I got stuck with students the whole time except for the last two hours that the park was opened. Overall the whole trip was great and I can't wait till next year.

Then the Following Wednesday we launched our youth group. We had about twenty-five kids show up and about eight youth leaders. Now that we've got it started its up to the students to grow it into something big. Can't wait for tomorrows youth group.

The bad news over the past couple weeks is that my grandfather from my dad's side passed away. But its not all bad news because I know I'll see him in heaven again. So please just pray for my family this week as we have the funeral.

So that's been my life for the past couple weeks. Some good things have happened along with some bad things. Until next time see ya.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rewind for the last couple weeks

So much has happened in the last couple weeks. I finally moved over to Southeastern University only to find out that they didn't have a dorm for me. They told me that I would have to stay in a hotel for the first couple nights until they found a dorm for me. That was on Saturday. On Monday I finally moved into my dorm.

Then I had to figure out about what classes I was going to have to take. They gave me a schedule that had some classes that I thought I already had taken at SPC last year. Well it turns out that only like three of those classes transferred over to take the place of some of the general E.D. classes I need for the AA degree.

Last night was pretty cool. The school I guess rented this place out in downtown Lakeland for a night of worship. The worship service was pretty sweet. The worship was done by Bill Horn Band. They did an amazing job.

After the worship set they brought out the founders of "The Trash Mountain Project". Their story was unreal. It all started as a trip to do a documentary on this trash mountain in Honduras that people and their children dug through trash for their living. They also just lived in the dump. So after that trip the two of them decided that this was their call to start this mission project. If you want to find out more visit the link here.

Today was my first day of class. I had a liberal arts class and a western civ. class. I think those classes will be fairly easy. I'm more worried about my comp and psyc class.

Also, so much new music has come out this week from Toby Mac's new single, to a Skillet CD, a Abandon CD, a Leeland CD and a Casting Crowns single. And there's so much more on the horizon from a Sanctuss Real single, to a Thousand Foot Krutch CD and a David Crowder CD. Can't wait for all this new music.

So the past couple weeks have been pretty busy with school and just life in general.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Favorite Music from this Year

This past year I've really filled up my Ipod with new music. I've got new stuff from David Crowder, Remedy Drive, Nevertheless, Julian Drive, Jars of Clay, Article One, Abandon and many more. And it's getting to that time where all my favorite bands are coming out with new music such as Toby Mac, David Crowder, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, and a couple others. I would have to say that my favorite album from this year Would have to be "The Long Fall Back To Earth" by Jars of Clay. My favorite song on the album would either have to be "Two Hands" or "The Scenic Route". My favorite song by the end of the year will most likely be "City On Our Knees" by Toby Mac. It's on the radio waves now but it'll be on itunes on Aug. 25. Can't wait for that. Well this year has had a lot of new music for me but a lot is yet to come out still. I might need a bigger Ipod to hold all this music.


Man a lot has happen since my last post.

  • First I went to camp back in late June early July. That week was amazing. I wish I could do that every week of the summer.

  • Second JJ and his family moved to over to Winter Haven.

  • I got accepted and will be attending Southeastern University in the fall.

  • Started attending Ridge Point Church on Sunday mornings. I'm very excited on whats going on in this church and can't wait until YG starts.

  • Will be attending Rock The Universe on September 12. Can't wait to see Toby mac.

  • Oh by the he has a new single called "City on our Knees". Heared it on the radio the other day, and it was pretty sweet. Can't wait until new album comes out in Feb.

I'm really excited for the coming year. So many things are happening from Rock the Universe to Catalyst to the start of youth group. I can't wait.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Long Time No Post

I know it's been a couple months since I last made a post, but during that time I forgot my password to my account so I couldn't log in.

Man a lot of things have happened since my last post. I guess first thing is that I graduated from Clearwater High and I plan to go to Southeastern University. I think I'm going to go for something in business and maybe a minor in student ministry.

Another thing that happened during my time off is that I played in a basketball tournament with some friends. We didn't do so well but we got to see a concert and I won a raffel to shot a half-court shot for a thousand dollars. Unfortunately I missed it only by a couple of inches.

I read "The Principle of the Path" by Andy Stanley. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to travel down the right path in life. It was a great book. I also bought a ticket to the Catalyst conference in October. I'm really excited for that.

This week the youth group is headed to camp and I'm really excited for that and I can't wait.

For my graduation I got a pretty sweet video camera and a little mini computer. A family friend also gave me a Dwight Howard jersey that's pretty sweet. Unfortunately the Magic lost in the finals to the Lakers. I was glad that they did beat the Cavs though. And whats this with them letting Hiedo slip threw their fingers so the could get Vince Carter.

Some upsetting news is that JJ resigned from Feather sound to go to Ridgepoint. I was shocked when I heared the news but hopefully if I get into Southeastern I'll be able to help him build up a youth group at Ridgepoint.

That's all I can think of right now. So I'll make another post in about four months. Just kidding I'll remember my password this time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Review

This past weekend was one of the most eventful weekends I had in awhile. Everyday there was something to do.

Friday: On Friday I helped JJ get the youth room ready for his new series coming in a week and a half. We decorated the youth room to match the theme of the series. The new series is called soundtrack. That's about all I can tell you that is involved with this series.

Saturday: This was probably the most exciting day of the weekend. On Sat. our youth group went up to Gathering point church and helped them get ready for their launch date. First we split up into two groups. One that was painting the Sunday school rooms for the kids and another that went out into the community to hand out water and get the gathering point name out into the community. I was with the water group. JJ and Ross dropped us off at the intersection they wanted us to hand out water at. Then they left to go back to the church to oversee things there. The water group then split into four groups and each got onto a medium to hand out bottels of water to drivers in the turn lanes. Some of us got offered half eaten candy bars, different types of business cards and etc. It was neat to see how interested people were in the church and why we were just handing out free bottles of water. Each group got about a cooler full of water and a case to hand out. I don't know about the other three groups but we probably handed out all of our water within the first 30 min. It was funny because Ross thought we would have been handing out water all day because of the cool weather. By the time Ross and JJ got back to the church and started doing something else we called and said that we were out of water. So they then came and got us and we went to go pick up lunch. We ended up getting pizza from the local gas station. After lunch we did some more painting and etc. After a little bit a guy named Doug I think showed up and needed some help installing their last TV monitor. So Cody and I volunteered to help him. So we went up into the attic to run wires and drill the holes for the mount. So Cody and I had to climb back into the corner of the attic to get to the spot where they needed the holes. I'm not lying I think I might have had about a foot and a half of clearance. We also had to move some insulation out of the way so we ended up all itchy and stuff afterwards. But we got it done and the TV looks great. I can't wait to go back this coming weekend and see what they have in store for us. I just hope if I have to back in the attic someone reminds me to wear a sweatshirt or something so I don't get insulation all over me again.

Sunday: Our church had its Missions Sunday where some of the missionaries we support come and talk about whats going on in their mission area. The stories they had were pretty cool. And it was neat to see what they were doing. Also on Sunday I went on to Toby Mac's website and saw that he has a lose my soul music video out now. Click here to see. I think its a pretty neat video. I also got to drive my neighbors corvette.

So that was my weekend.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Retreat 09

The retreat was amazing. This was my first retreat that I've been on and it was great. I made sure I was able to go on this years retreat since I missed last years. It was cool to see every one get plugged in to all the activities and to see all the teams cheer each other on.

The games and activities- All the games were pretty cool. I think my favorites were the crab crawl and the board and plank game. The tug-a-war game didn't really go to well because us high school students broke it some how. I think I could have taken on one high school guy from each team during that game. Some of us also went paint balling at the centers course. The course they had was pretty sweet because it had trenches all over it, it had a bus in the middle of the field, and it had kind of a tower in the middle as well. It was all good until we ran out of paint. The last night we just went and hung out around a bon-fire and listened to what people felt like God had been doing in them during the retreat. Some of the stories were amazing. I didn't really get to share but mine would have been that this is the best youth group I've ever been apart of. And that I like how our group can connect with each other better than other youth groups I've been apart of. Also that JJ is no doubt the best youth pastor I've ever had and that he's taught me a lot since I've been at Feather Sound.

The Band and the Speaker- The worship time was great. It was neat to see everyone worshiping God and having a great time. The band did an amazing job. Jason was one of the best speakers I've ever heard. I think he really hit the nail on the head. That we need to be visible proof to a world that is looking to be apart of something.

Surprises- The first surprise was that JJ pulled out a Brian Regan clip without me knowing. He even hinted at it in the van ride up to the retreat a little bit but I didn't think any thing of it. Something that is kind of a surprise are these kids that think they can take over shotgun in the church van this year. I don't know if they know what the rules are, but me and Beth are the first to get dibs on shotgun, but still there are students that think they can take shotgun from me. The last surprise I was surely not expecting was JP's marriage proposal to Melanie. That really surprised me. And I wish them the best of luck.

It was really cool to see everyone just coming together and encouraging each other during the games. JJ mentioned something about going to Ross's church and just helping them get ready for their grand opening and having that become the beginning of a legacy. So I can't wait for that trip to come. I just hope everyone got as much as I did out of the retreat and I hope God really starts something in our youth group. I can't wait until next year.